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Stealth - The Art Of Deception - Ever since the Greeks abandoned the battlefield at Troy, leaving behind them an innocent looking model of a horse, deception and camouflage have been a powerful weapon in the armoury of war. This remarkable and immensely entertaining programme takes us on a journey through history, from the bits of hedgerow stuck into the helmet of the sniper on the Somme, to the curving patterns of camouflage paint on the allied tanks that smashed their way through Caen, and finally to the ultimate camouflage of the stealth bombers that are invisible to the probing eye of radar. It's a great story very well told. 52 minutes

Bridging The Future - Ever since he has had a ditch or a river to cross man had been building bridges. In fact the oldest bridges go back to around 4000BC. And Roman engineers threw bridges across great rivers like the Danube and the Rhine as their armies marched across Europe. Today bridge building is at the very cutting edge of technology as engineers strive to use the lightest possible materials to build longer and longer spans across estuaries and island straits. Few engineers would have believed it possible to join Europe with Asia by bridging the Bosporus, with a span of over 3500 ft, and now we have the world record Akashi Straits Bridge in Japan with a span of over 6500ft. This highly praised documentary gives us a unique view of the world through the bridge builder's eyes. 52 minutes.

Deep Diving With The Russians - What lies at the bottom of the oceans? This unique documentary follows a group of scientists from Cambridge in the UK and from Russia on a voyage to explore the mysteries of the seabed over 3000 metres beneath the mid Atlantic. Using a state-of-the-art submarine they dive to observe the remarkable hydrothermal vents on the sea floor. These volcanic hot springs known as 'black smokers' may be able to reveal more about the workings of the earth, the chemistry of the oceans and even the origins of life itself. They are a fantastic new challenge to science emitting matter at several hundred degrees centigrade, giving rise to wholly unexpected forms of marine life that have evolved beyond the reach of light and heat from the Sun.This programme reveals both the challenge of deep sea research and the cultural and scientific exchange between Western and Russian scientists. 52 minutes.

Cold Spring, Morning Sun - In the late 1940's two young, idealistic American scientists made the extraordinary decision to settle down and work in a remote district of China. They were drawn by the promise as they saw it, of profound social revolution. Joan Hinton was a physicist, one of the few women to have worked on the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb. Sid Engst was from Cornell University in up state New York, and a specialist in agriculture. They came to China to observe the unfolding revolution for themselves, intending to stay perhaps for a couple of years. Two years came and went, and still they stayed on. Eventually they adopted China as their home and came to see their role as playing a part in the dramatic changes that were taking place. They lived through the final violent break up of the traditional China and the founding of the New People's Republic. This is a fascinating account of the lives these two Americans built for themselves in the very midst of China's most troubled times. Sid Engst died in 2003. Joan Hinton lived alone on their farm near Beijing until she died in June 2010. 52 minutes.

Chaos - A butterfly flutters its fragile wings in Texas and the seemingly imperceptible turbulence sets in motion a cascade of effects that culminates in a typhoon in Indonesia. It seems unreal. But the realisation of the butterfly effect as it has been called, is one of the astonishing results of the new science of Chaos. Traditionally science has been focused on seeking out and defining the predictable laws that govern all our lives. Chaos is about using the immense number crunching power of super computers to seek out the patterns hidden away in what up till now has been totally unpredictable. This astounding, award-winning documentary lays bare the mystery of this remarkable new science. 52 minutes.